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Don’t chase trends: A white paper on marketing to youth

June 2022

  • James Chutter, Digital Strategist

Want to know the hottest craze that’s sweeping young audiences? Not chasing trends with your brand’s marketing.

One of the most exciting parts of marketing to young people is their position at the center of the latest trends. Miss the latest happening on TikTok or some platform so cool it hasn’t been named yet, and your next campaign will never find the audience you need. However, hit the mark just right, and you can capitalize on the trend and score a big win for your brand, right?

Wrong. Unfortunately, you need more than trends and the right channel to deliver a successful campaign. The fact is, the minute you’ve heard about the latest trend, it’s already over. (Sorry.) That’s just how trends among young people work.

To connect with your audience, stop asking about the latest trends and focus on the underlying factors. In this white paper, you’ll learn:

  • The right questions to answer when marketing to a young audience.
  • Why the factors influencing your target market are more important than the trends they follow.
  • How to place trends in context to reveal what your audience really needs.
  • Why marketing to the hot new channel for young people won’t move the needle for your brand.
  • When to ignore the published trend forecasts and listen to experts with experience.